Technical questions

1 – I cannot login

The error message that you may receive 

“INVALID CREDENTIAL”    => Your username and /or your password are incorrects. Please reset them.
“ACCOUNT DISABLED”      => Your access was suspended for one of the following reasons
  1. the expiration date is passed
  2. you tried to connect to many times with an incorrect password
  3. the customer service suspended your profile for a specific reason

Your user status may influence 

User without subscription  => check what the deadline is for completing the course directly with your trainer at your institution / school
User with subscription          => check that the last payment of your subscription was successful.  If not, please update your payment info at this link: https://shop.learning-7.com/my-account/subscriptions/

2 – Can I add my certificate on LinkedIn?

Yes you can. Please follow these steps :
  1. Go to your profile page on LinkedIn and clic on “Edit profile”
  2. Go to the “Accomplishments” section
  3. Clic on the “Add” symbol : “+”
  4. Clic on “Certification”
  5. Enter the following information :
    Certification name => eLearning program – Marketing in a Digital World
    Certification authority => LEARNING7 (la page s’affichera dans les résultats)
    License number => leave blank
    From / To => Tick “This certification does not expire”
    Certification URL => https://shop.learning-7.com/
  6. Save

3 – I cannot complete the the drag & drop exercices. An element does not fit in the box.

This problem originates from the zoom level of your browser. Set it at 100% (or another value if necesary). If the problem persists please check the version of your web browser. It is certainly oudated.

4 – The videos do not load.

The videos of the programme are hosted on an external platform (Vimeo) which sometimes performs updates. At these occasions the videos may be temporarily unavailable. This problem is generally fixed (automatically by Vimeo) within 1 hour.

Subscription-related questions

1 – Do we have access to the whole programme or do we have to pay for each module?

The subscription and its amount are unrelated to the content available on the platform. Keeping an active subscription only means that the access to the platform is still valid. The seven modules from the programme “Marketing in a Digital World” are all available from your first connection.

2 – I want to unsubscribe. How should I proceed?

You can do it at any time by following this link : https://shop.learning-7.com/my-account/subscriptions/.

3 – I want to update my payment information. Where can I do it?

You can update your information by following this link : https://shop.learning-7.com/my-account/subscriptions/.

4 – Does stopping my subscription cut instantaneously my access to te platform?

No. Your account remains active until the supposed next renewal date.

Academic and content-related questions

1 – Can I attend a real-life Workshop?

Workshops are parts of tailored offers made for our business clients only. Individual learners living in Switzerland who want to further explore Digital Markting topics are invited to inquire about CREA Geneve’s programmes (https://www.creageneve.com/).

2 – Can I get the answers?

No. We do not give away the answers to avoid them being shared among students.

 3 – In the quizz, I am not sure to understand what is meant by “all of the above”.

When choosing this answer make sure to leave the other answers unticked since they are already included in this one.

4 – I do not know the deadline for taking the quiz.

User without subscription   => our customer service is not responsible for setting your deadlines. Contact your trainer at your organization.
User with subscription           => there is no deadline. You can tak as long as you want.